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Suriname National Society

  • Suriname School Disaster Preparedness

    In 2009-2011 the Suriname Red Cross provided disaster preparedness to schools in Wageningen and Boven Suriname. The team worked with teachers to develop Emergency Committees. Read more... Link  

  • SRC Trains New NIT Group

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    Sunday September 5th, was the closing of the National Intervention Team (NIT) Training of the Suriname Red Cross (SRC). The new NIT members were all given a certificate for completing this intensive course successfully. The training was held from September 1-5 and was organized by the Disaster Management (DM) Unit of SRC. The NIT members are trained to intervene on a national level whenever a disaster strikes, says Elinor King DM Coordinator of SRC.

    Read more... Link  
Suriname is one of two Caribbean countries that are geographically located in South America (the other is Guyana). Suriname is the smallest independent country in South America, has the lowest population density of all South American countries and is the only Dutch-speaking country on the continent.

Suriname covers an area of 163,270 square kilometres that is mostly rolling hills with narrow, swampy costal plains. The climate is tropical and high temperatures are moderated by trade winds. The country experiences few natural disasters.
Suriname has a constitutional democracy headed by Runaldo Venetiaan who was elected to power on May 25th 2005. Legislative elections are scheduled for May 2010. The country is divided into ten districts and the capital is Paramaribo.

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