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St. Kitts and Nevis National Society

St Kiits Annual Meeting

The ST.Kitts and Nevis Red Cross Society held its Annual General Meeting at the society's headquarters on Horsford road, on Sunday 19th February 2012.
The Outgoing executive presented reports detailing activities in which the society had been involved over the past three years. These included the major financial assistance sent to Haiti after it's horrific disaster that occurred some 2 years ago, when they were struck by an earthquake of severe magnitude. Our society, at that time , in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, the Christian Council and the Evangelical Association, raised in excess of 160,000 EC $ which was sent to assist in the recovery process. Our Society has also assisted many families who suffered losses as a result of fires and stormy weather. We have recently collaborated with the Ministry of Health in the fight against Dengue, and on a continuous basis, have made our Volunteer services available at various public events like Music festival, football and Cricket games at Warner park, Athletic meets at schools and at the Silver Jubilee Stadium, just to name a few. Our work in First Aid Services and Community Based Disaster preparedness is now well recognized, as our projects sponsored in part by ECHO, OFDA and AmCross have been carried out in carefully selected communities on both ST.Kitts and Nevis. We appreciate the assistance offered by various groups and businesses in the community, and we appeal for continuation of that support as we strive to alleviate some of the suffering experienced by the less fortunate, especially those affected by disasters.

A new executive body was chosen to manage the affairs of the Society for the next two years. The following persons were chosen:
President---Winston Tyrell
V-President--Mrs. Clara Walters(Nevis)
V-President--Mrs. Natalie Fough(ST.Kitts)
Director General--Spencer Hanley
Treasurer--Ms Antoinette Hodge
Disaster Coordinator--Mrs Kerrie Greene
Legal Advisor---Ms. Sonya Parry
General Members----Mrs Roxanne Brookes-Jeffers(Nevis), Denis Springette(Nevis), Ms. Jasmine Hanley(ST.Kitts), Trevor Seaton(ST.Kitts)
Our long-time recording Secretary is Ms. Eulalie Harvey.
The out-going President, Dr. Reginald O'loughlin thanked the volunteers for their hard work and dedication over the years and expressed his desire that they will continue in the same vain.
R.M. O'loughlin


The two islands that make up Saint Kitts and Nevis are separated by a three-kilometre wide channel called The Narrows. In a referendum in 1998, the island of Nevis chose not to secede from the country.
Saint Kitts and Nevis has an area of 262 square kilometres. The islands are volcanic with mountainous interiors. The climate is tropical with a rainy season from May to November. The country is vulnerable to hurricanes, particularly from July to October, as well as earthquakes, volcanoes and floods.
Saint Kitts and Nevis is a constitutional monarchy within the British Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. The prime minister and head of government is Dr. Denzil Douglas elected on 25th October 2004. The next elections will be held by September 2009. The country’s capital is Basseterre and there are 14 administrative parishes.

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